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Chapter 10

“You know what I’m tired of?”

“I’ve a feeling you’re going to tell me.”

“I’m sick and tired of hearing about how people got a free copy of a book from the author?  Why the heck are they getting free stuff?  What is the world coming to?”

“It is a terrible thing.”

“I know it’s not a terrible thing, but why the heck didn’t I get born under the tree of free stuff?”

“Well, we all get free stuff sometimes.  The mail carrier keeps bringing you those free catalogues.”

“Everyone gets those.”

“That’s exactly my point.”



More and more

The more I see of men, the less I want one.


I will admit, I like to fantasise,  I like a good daydream with a vampire and a big fight, maybe a bank robbery, and some good kissing.


In fantasy, boyfriends are awesome.


But in real life, they seem to be pretty rubbish, even when they’re pretty good.


In stories, even, they’re pretty rubbish.


I just don’t get why partnership has stayed so popular in the modern world.


Excerpts from The Plasticine Cactus

I have decided to start brainstorming names for my novel, the first one I’ve got is The Plasticine Cactus.   How do you like it?  I don’t care, I like it.  Here’s an excerpt:

“You’re right.  It is fate.  I didn’t used to believe in fate, but lately I really do.  I don’t know why people have such a problem with fate, actually.  It doesn’t mean you don’t get to make choices, it just means that someone else already knows what those choices will be.  And it also means that it doesn’t matter which road you take, because you will always end up the way you are destined to end up.  It takes the pressure off, actually.”