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Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

She felt like, if she could just get the chance to get it all together, it would all be all right.  And probably it would.  Right?  It was already, really.  We are all just muffins on a tray, stars in the sky, drips on a leaf, leaves on a tree.  We are as coincidental and inconsequential as anything and everything else in the universe.  And yes, everything is not only inconsequential, but vitally important too, but it is all ultimately of no matter.  If you change one thing, everything else changes, but then it all changes back again, because the string of dominoes ends up back where it started.  So everything changes, but nothing changes.

It was really too early to be discussing things of this complexion.  She really needed a pick-me-up, but there was nothing in the house, and her teeth didn’t feel right.  What ever that means, of course.   What ever.  It didn’t matter.  She went into the kitchen and made herself a coffee.  She hated coffee, and it was probably the reason her teeth felt the way they did, but still, it was an anchor and a crutch for all her idols on the television shows, and she had an inherent right to copy them whenever it felt appropriate.

She felt exhausted by the stream of her own thoughts, so she put the tv on, hoping it would drown out the sound of them.  10890996_694987200618934_1871490524_n